Why Paypal: like Paul Dunning of actionsworld, I have investigated what would be best method for paid actions and like Paul I have opted for PayPal.. I realise it's not to everyones taste but there are some large pluses which makes it my present choice.
1) the fees that Paypal will charge me are less than most.
2) Like Paul Dunning I live outside the USA and therefore would be charged for currency conversion and a sending fee by most of the other handlers. On top of that is the UK Banks insistence of charging me for funds sent from abroad.

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WebYep Action Suite

What's included in the action suite:
1) The WebYep Action Suite
(Containing over a dozen actions)
2) 1 Colour Reference Manual and an Extras Manual
(The PDF document contains over 100 pages and covers topics from: Installation, Menu Construction, Styling a Gallery, Loops, Images and Text Editing)
3) Example documents constructed in Freeway 6

To find out more information about the WebYep application for which this action suite is used please go to

Please Note: You will need to download the WebYep-System for the WebYep Action suite to take affect when viewed via a web browser. You can download the latest version from

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can download individual WebYep Systems from the links below:
WebYep 1.7.3 (English plus other languages) Download Here
WebYep 1.7.3 (German plus other languages) Download Here
WebYep 1.7.3 (English plus other languages, Dreamweaver 6 Edition) Download Here
WebYep 1.7.3 (English plus other languages, Rapidweaver Edition) Download Here

For further information regarding the Freeway/WebYep action suite please contact me via the contact page

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