all about me

Max Fancourt

This isn't supposed to be the history of my life but just a bit of background...

I have been a graphic designer since 1981 and I am part owner of a successful design agency. Coming from a traditional design background I have worked with Apple Macs for 16 years and my design pallet ranges from print work through to website design and build, where I've been using Freeway since version 1!! Eeeek! With which I designed and built the website St. Michael's Abbey. Which if I recall rightly, was used by Freeway's early promotional material.

Since those early days I have used Freeway on a regular basis and it has given me the ease of use that I needed on projects ranging from schools and small business to larger corporate sites.

I have been writing actions for my personal use for some time but have only recently felt it was worth while and useful to others, to bring them to the Freeway community. I hope that this mini site will grow as I come across actions or tips that I feel are useful to Freeway users.