WebYep Action Suite

What is WebYep:
WebYep is a compact Web Content Management System for extremely simple creation of editable web pages. The WebYep action suite is a set of actions that make the implementation of the WebYep application within Freeway straight forward, quick and gives the web designer the opportunity to use CSS styles.

pdficon Click here to download a the reference and extras manual.

Minimum Requirements for the action suite: -
Freeway 4 Pro or Freeway Express 4WebYep Application.
To find out more information about the WebYep application for which this action suite is used please go to

Please Note: You will need to download the WebYep application for the WebYep Action suite to take affect when viewed via a web browser . You can download the latest version from

WebYep On Line Demo: To view an online demo and try WebYep in action please click here:

For further information regarding the Freeway/WebYep action suite please contact me via the contact page.


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