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Watch the video WebYep action suite in action

Freeway integrated CMS. The Freeway actions suite is now available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish & Italian. Version 3.3 of the WebYep Freeway Action Suite has been constructed for designers that want to concentrate on design and don't want to adopt PHP or deep HTML skills to simply make some pages editable.

The WebYep CMS can be inserted and edited extremely easily with the WebYep Freeway Action Suite.

Inserting and editing of any WebYep item is as simple as inserting any other content into your page in Freeway. As a web designer you don't have to face a single line of PHP code.

Please Note: The Freeway action suite does not contain the actual WebYep system. For the most up to date version and the latest licensing structure of the WebYep System please click here to visit the official OBD site.

WebYep & Freeway


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